Internet Trends and Challenges That Risked People’s Lives

The Tide Pod Challenge is one of the recent dangerous trends

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The Tide Pod Challenge is one of the recent dangerous trends


Nowadays, trends are a huge part of this generation. Even though it is very dangerous and can put someone’s life in danger, people still continue to do it. People would do it for social media, fame, and even just for fun. There are many examples of the trends that put people’s lives on the line.

The first trend is, the Tide Pod challenge. The tide pod challenge was created by a tweet saying the tide pods looks like food. A tide pod is a type of laundry detergent that can be harmful if consumed. The challenge consists of a person eating a tide pod. Inside a tide pod there are chemicals that can ruin a body and have it react in many different ways. Some people attempting this challenge have been sent to the hospital and could have died due to this dangerous act.

Another dangerous trend was the Cinnamon Challenge. The cinnamon challenge was created on YouTube to get views or to get a taste of fame. It’s about somebody eating a spoonful of cinnamon and attempt to swallow all of it at once. This challenge was one of the most dangerous challenge anyone has attempted to do. Though what seems to be a harmless and a fun challenge, it can really hurt somebody and can possibly kill them. Teens who were trying to do this challenge suffered from collapsed lungs and ended up on ventilators.

The next challenge is, the Fire Challenge. There isn’t really evidence about who started this and when it started. The Fire Challenge is about someone applying a flammable liquid to their body and lighting themselves on fire. Even though people knew that this was dangerous and unwise, they still did it because “everyone else was”. A 12 year old girl, Timiyah Landers tries to the fire challenge and lost control of the flames. She was left with second and third degree burns. She needed multiple surgeries to recover from her horrible burns.

Next is the Eraser Challenge. Even though this challenge sounds harmless and safe, it’s really not. The challenge is about someone rubbing an eraser on their bare skin. The friction of the eraser causes it to burn a line on the skin. In the 90s, the eraser challenge was created to “erase” a person’s crush into their arm. This later turned into a trend and many people started to do it.

Internet trends and challenges aren’t always safe and can actually do a lot of damage on one’s body. People putting this out on social media can influence others to do them, and even children can continue to do these dangerous acts! If safe challenges are put out, people wouldn’t be harmed.