Wolfgang Puck hosts 25th Oscar Party

A clip from the 89th annual Oscars ceremony where Wolfgang Puck made one of his magnificent dishes


A clip from the 89th annual Oscars ceremony where Wolfgang Puck made one of his magnificent dishes

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Just in time for his 25th Governors Ball, the flamboyant Academy Awards after-party on February 24, Wolfgang Puck was looking back at his respected and distinguished career and his ever-expanding empire of well-known restaurants. A popular restaurant founded by Wolfgang Puck is CUT, his only New York restaurant, located at the luxury five-star hotel, Four Seasons, the only five-star hotel in lower Manhattan.

Wolfgang was born in Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria. He began cooking at a very young age, first with his mother, then as an assistant at his local kitchen, and later at Maxim’s in Paris. Shortly after Wolfgang was done serving at high-profile European restaurants, he decided to move back to America. He was 24 at this time.

He decided to open his first restaurant, Spago, in 1982, on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Later, he would relocate Spago to Beverly Hills in 1997. Wolfgang Puck was one of the first chefs to invent the term “California Cuisine”. By his definition, California Cuisine means to “use the best ingredients, use them in a simple way so the ingredients really shine.” Before the 1990s, or before the time Wolfgang Puck established his first restaurant, there were no restaurants serving goat cheese, let alone put in on a pizza. Wolfgang Puck was the first chef to introduce this new culinary style, and would later be seen on menus all across America.

Over time, Puck has become increasingly popular. He has expanded his “restaurant empire” globally, opening signature restaurants all around the world, such as Spago restaurants in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Istanbul and Singapore, his steakhouse CUT in Beverly Hills and New York (both located inside the five-star hotel Four Seasons), and two others in London and Dubai. The extreme popularity of his restaurants launched Wolfgang Puck into fame, making appearances in places such as television shows, columns, and cookbooks. Puck also has successful kitchen products, made hotel partnerships, and also established Wolfgang Puck Catering.

This year marks Wolfgang’s 25th time managing the menu at the Academy Awards’ gala, the Governor’s Ball. Wolfgang Puck Catering runs venues in 50 locations around the world. This decadent Hollywood celebration, along with 1,500 guests, is definitely its most distinguished event. The menu chosen for this special event features Scallop Ceviche and a vegan Opal Apple Summer Roll, alongside many Puck classics like Nashville Hot Fried Quail and Black Truffle Chicken Pot Pie.

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