Hello Dolly Review


Lauren Nam

Hello Dolly is a musical that in 1964 and was originated from an English play. The play is known for its characters, mainly, Dolly Levi, Horace Vandergelder, Cornelius, and Barnaby. These four main characters make up the main story. Hello Dolly became a book called The Merchant Of Yonkers and then was renamed to The Matchmaker. The director of the wonderful musical is currently Jerry Zaks, and the songwriter for all of the great songs is Jerry Herman.


Set in the 1890s, in Yonkers, New York, the bold and enchanting widow Dolly Gallagher Levi is the matchmaker of the area. She is currently looking for a wife for the half-millionaire Horace Vandergelder and Ambrose, a man in love with Horace’s whiny niece, Ermengarde. Her plan to marry Horace soon involves his two assistants, Cornelius and Barnaby, a hatmaker, Irene Molloy, and Irene’s assistant, Minnie Fay, as she is trying to cover up her tracks. The lady he was first going to propose to, Irene Molloy, did not love him, but met Cornelius and fell for him instead. The second lady that could’ve been his wife was not as rich or elegant as Dolly had told him. Upon meeting Irene, Cornelius and Barnaby also meet Minnie, Irene’s assistant. Barnaby likes Minnie but does not have the courage to go and talk to her, but gathers enough courage to do so. Towards the end of the musical, Dolly goes to her, now dead, husband’s old work place to ask for a sign to move on from her old relationship. After everything that happened with Dolly, Horace realizes that he needs her in his life, so he decides to marry her.

Hello Dolly is very famous and it was rated 5/5 stars for everything about it.  During January of this year, cub reporter Lauren Nam was able to watch the musical and she loved, “The way the actors and actresses performed”. The music was amazing and extremely catchy and many people were surprised by this because the musical is about 50 years old. The actors and actresses were on point, did not mess up, were bold, and the audience could really feel their emotions throughout the entire musical. The whole musical flowed and everything fell into place, nothing was hesitant or sudden or just came out of nowhere. The voices were clear, loud, and no one had any trouble hearing them at all. Dolly’s signature costume, a red sparkling dress with matching gloves, and a large head piece, kind of like a peacock, was absolutely dazzling and elegant.