Can The Duke Blue Devils Be March Madness Champions?

March Madness


March Madness

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Currently, the Duke Blue Devils are ranked the No. 2 team in the United States. Their current record is 22-1, followed by the No. 1 ranked team, the Tennessee Volunteers, with a record of 22-1. Duke’s power was starting five that have led them to a very successful season this year have been coming in the clutch, hitting shots, making plays, and doing everything that needs to be done for their team. Their names and positions are Tre Jones playing the point guard position, R.G Barrett playing the shooting guard position, Cam Reddish at small forward, & the best player on the Duke basketball team is Zion Williamson. This guy is without a doubt going to be the first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Finally, Marques Bolden at center. This is a stacked team that has lead the Duke Blue Devils to be the No. 2 team in the nation.

Now it’s not just this team that might be champions. Although they have blown out every team they’ve played against, their schedule hasn’t been nearly as tough as other top-ranked teams. They’ve played teams like Army and Eastern Michigan, which are unranked teams and don’t have nearly as much skill level as the Duke Blue Devils. While Duke is cruising by teams, other teams like Kentucky and Michigan State are playing reasonably well teams that have enough skill to beat teams like these. For instance, Kentucky has had good matchups with teams such as Florida, Duke, Louisville, and Kansas. Although Florida is unranked, they gave Kentucky a good fight and Kentucky barely snuck away for the win. Kentucky has played seven ranked teams this year while Duke has only played five ranked teams.

Now, it’s not just the players that are going to lead their team to multiple victories this season, and maybe even a championship. Coaching has to be a talk in that conversation. Duke is being coached by the one, and only, Coach Mike Krzyzewski or Coach K. Coach K has been coaching at Duke for quite some time now. This is his 39th season as the head coach for Duke. He has led them to 13 ACC championships, 12 Final Fours, and  5 March Madness Championships. As the head coach for Duke, he has 1,073 career wins. That is the most wins as a head coach in NCAA history.

This March Madness tournament is going to be a fun one to watch, and audiences are excited to see what the Duke Blue Devils have to offer this year. Some jaw-dropping performances, major upsets, and maybe even some losses by teams they shouldn’t lose to. Watch out March Madness, because the Duke Blue Devils are going to bring the heat