Should the U.S. Help Other Countries in Need?

US specialist helping Afghan nomads


US specialist helping Afghan nomads

The U.S. has fought wars in other countries that had nothing to do with them. America got involved in wars like Syria, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. These wars had no effect on America, but they decided to help countries fight to victory. As of today, the U.S. has to most powerful military forces in the world. Is it a responsibility for the U.S. to help other nations in need? I think that we don’t have a responsibility to fight for other countries because of debt, our problems, and nationalism for another nation.

First, the U.S. is very deep in debt. The U.S currently has a national debt of about $22 trillion. There is a debt clock for the U.S. that shows current government spending and debt. Why does this have to do with helping other countries in need? Engaging in war is the fastest way to get very deep in debt. For example, the Syrian Civil War had nothing to do with America, but they got involved because they wanted to help. That’s how the debt comes into play. The U.S. is spending money on something that isn’t a problem. One of the reasons why I think we should not help other countries is because we are increasing our debt by helping them in war.

Second, the U.S. should worry about our own problems. The U.S. may focus too much on helping other countries. They may not have enough people to fix their issues. Back in January of this year, President Trump had shut down the government because the wall at the Mexican border hasn’t been funded enough. If the U.S. doesn’t concentrate on funding the wall, Trump could shut down the government again. I think we should stop helping other countries because we have our own problems, and if we ignore them or put minimum effort, there could be consequences.

Last, members in the United States Armed Forces are dying for the sake of another country. Nationalism is the loyalty to a country and putting its needs above all others. Also, the people in the U.S. military are very determined and would die for their country, which shows strong nationalism. That’s not the case in fighting for other nations. When U.S. troops die in battles outside the U.S., they haven’t really died for their country (unless the country they’re fighting had attacked them first). The last reason why I think the U.S. should stop giving military support for other nations in need is that we show nationalism to the country we are trying to protect when it isn’t ours.

Although others may think that helping other nations is a good cause, I firmly believe that we shouldn’t do that because of our constantly increasing national debt, our national problems and concerns, and the deaths for fighting for another country.