Kraemer Karnival

Kraemer Karnival

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Kraemer Karnival

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Kraemer’s second dance of the year is occurring in February and lots of students are looking forward to attending. The date of the dance was set to be on Friday, February 1st, but had to be postponed due to forecasted rain. Caitlyn C. and Emma K., both in Peer Leadership, say that the dance will be on February 22nd instead. Since this event is on no particular holiday, ASB had an idea to pick a theme for the dance and help the school. There were three themes that were considered: Disney, Carnival, and dance through the ages. During break and lunch, there were three trash cans set out on the stage, each labeled with one of the three themes. Students had to throw away their trash into the bin they wanted. The bin with the most trash would determine the theme of the dance. Students put their trash in the bins and the theme chosen for the dance was Carnival. In the MPR, there will be a DJ, who will be playing lots of songs.

Admission for the dance is five dollars. ASB students write down the names of people attending the dance and students have their ID checked before they can enter. The dance starts at 3:30 and students with classes 0-6 can stay on the field. It ends at 5:30 and students cannot leave the dance early. Extra money is advised because there will be food and drinks. The money for food is spent on tickets, and those tickets are used for buying. Thomas W. says that Mexican food will be served, such as tacos, quesadillas, beans, and rice. This will be catered by Mi Casita, a food truck company. There will also be popcorn, cotton candy, and regular candy too, like the Halloween dance. Drinks will include sodas and water.

The games that are going to be at the Kraemer Karnival dance are different from the games that were at the Halloween dance. There is going to be a classic bottle ring toss, where the object of the game is to toss a ring and make it onto the curved part of a bottle. There will also be ping pong, a smaller version of tennis that can be played on a table. One creative thing that ASB came up with is a ‘What’s In The Box?’ People will put their hands through a hole in the side of the box and feel something inside a bowl. There are four levels and the person has to guess what is inside the box. Another thing in the MPR besides the DJ will be a room with balloons, a ball pit, and some lawn chairs. Students can hang out there and talk while listening to the DJ. Another fun thing at the dance will be video games. What the video games will be is a mystery, though. Mr. Castro and his students have worked very hard to make the Kraemer Karnival dance even better than the last.

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