Student Spotlight – Kara Cheng


Reese M.

Kara Cheng

Karalyn Cheng is a 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School. Even though her real name is Karalyn, everyone calls her Kara. Before attending Kraemer, she went to Sierra Vista until 4th grade and transferred to Golden in 5th- 6th. Now, at Kraemer, Kara’s two electives are Peer Leadership with Mr. Castro and the Elective Wheel with Mrs. Masone and Ms. Brencious.  Her favorite class is Peer Leadership because she has many friends in it. In that class, she has made many lifelong friends and wants to join ASB next year. Kara has 0 period and since she doesn’t have PE, she gets out at 5th period.

In her free time, Kara enjoys doing gymnastics and spending time and Facetiming with her friends. She is a level 8 gymnast at Vibe Gymnastics, so she doesn’t take PE at Kraemer. Kara does 20 hours a week of gymnastics and in her last competition placed 2nd overall. With her friends, she enjoys going to Knotts, shopping, and just hanging out with them. Her friends describe her as kind, friendly, social, and a little boy crazy. At Knotts, Kara has recently tried many new rides for the first time, HangTime, Silver Bullet, and Supreme Scream. Those are now some of her favorite rides there, along with Ghost Riders. Kara has not gone on Xcelerator, but her friends are trying to convince her that it’s not that bad. Xcelerator is only a 205 ft. tall ride compared to Supreme Scream which she has already gone on that is 325 ft. She is scared because Xcelerator reaches 82 mph in only 2.3 seconds.

Kara lives with her mom, dad, brother (Jacob), and sister (Bethany). She describes her family as crazy and loud. Jacob, her brother, is now in 8th grade at Tuffree Middle School school and Bethany attends Golden. She loves spending time with her siblings because they are funny and always put a smile on her face.

Kara’s favorite movie is Sandlot. Sandlot is about a boy with moves to the neighborhood and makes friends with a group of kids who play baseball. They go on many funny and memorable adventures together but run into trouble when they hit Scottie Smalls’ stepdad’s baseball over the fence. In her free time, Kara also enjoys reading. Right now, she is reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix for RAY (Read All Year) Reading, but her all-time favorite book is Ungifted by Gordon Korman. Kara’s favorite food is sushi and her favorite animal are pandas. She has many panda things including clothes and stuffed animals. Kara is a well-rounded kid that manages her school schedule with the many activities she does after school.