Kraemer Shadow Day

During two of the weeks of the month of February, 6th-grade GATE students from other elementary school visited Kraemer Middle School following a 7th grade student around the school for a whole day. The purpose of shadow day is to show 6th-graders around the school so they know what is coming ahead of them for the next year. It also helps them have a friend on the first day of school and encourages them to join Kraemer activities when they are 7th graders. Shadow day took place among three days this year: February 5th, 7th, and 13th. On February 5th, students from Tynes, non-PYLUSD students, and other 6th-grade GATE students come to visit Kraemer. On February 7th, Golden was represented, and on February 13th Woodsboro students visited. Before the shadows arrived, 7th-grade GATE students were notified that they would have a shadow. Each shadow was paired with a 7th-grade host based on the electives that 6th-graders want to see and take in the upcoming year.

On shadow day, the 6th-grade students were dropped off at Kraemer Middle by their parents into the MPR to finally meet their host. When they were paired with their shadow and host, they were released into the quad to get to know each other better. The shadows followed their hosts around the school, throughout periods 1-6, to give them a feel for what life is like at Kraemer Middle School. They went with their host to break, PRIDE, and lunch and at the end of the day were taken inside the MPR to get ready to go home.

During shadow day, the parents of the shadows were allowed to take a tour too. When they are dropping their kids off they all meet in the quad and are taken on a tour in small groups. They also get to visit all the classes and may even be able to see their kid in class with their host. Since parents are very anxious to see that their child is going to middle school, Kraemer has provided this experience for the parents to make sure they will have a good time, be safe, and that this school is the perfect school for them to be attending in the next year.

At shadow day, 7th-grade hosts are taught to set a good example and to make their shadow feel comfortable at the school while they are there. Shadow day is also a day for the shadows and hosts to get to know each other so that the 6th-grader has a friend on the first day of school no matter what. Throughout the day the students create bonds, but some tend to lose their shadow especially during lunch or break. This is because since the quad gets really crowded during these times, it makes it hard to keep track of their shadow or host.

Shadow Day at Kraemer is a day where 6th-graders and 7th-graders are paired up together to spend a whole school day with each other. This day at school is an exciting day but also a very crowded day. It is an important day because many friends can be made from different grades and it encourages more students to attend Kraemer in the fall because it can be a little intimidating.