Measles Outbreak

Many cases of measles have been reported throughout the world. Measles is an infectious disease that causes fever or rash on the skin. Due to the large amount of people infected with measles spread across many countries, the demands for vaccines are rising very fast. In some locations, there are only a few cases of Measles. However, in places such as Honduras, a country in South America, as much as about 34% of the population there is known to have measles. The outbreak has caused many victims to be hospitalized, and several deaths.

Measles is easy to cure through vaccines. The measles outbreak has caused thousands, sometimes millions of people to get a vaccination. The Washington State Health Department states that approximately 500 people were immunized against the measles last January. This January, they estimate that 3,000 immunizations were given to the people. Nearly six times more than the year before.

Measles is an infection that is rarely lethal. Some severe complications of the measles include death, encephalitis, or the infection of the brain, and pneumonia, a sickness that fills the air sacs in the lungs with fluid. Death is extremely uncommon It is estimated that only one or two victims of measles are going to die. Pneumonia is a common infection that can develop from measles. One of twenty children with the measles is struck with pneumonia; the most common reason for death from measles for children. Other complications include permanent hearing loss through ear infection from the measles. Measles has claimed 70 lives in the Philippines. The deaths are blamed for the hesitance of vaccination. About 79 percent of the people who have died from the measles are known to not have a history of any vaccination.

Symptoms of measles are similar to the ones of the cold. The symptoms consist of the following: fever, sore throat, inflamed eyes (red, itchy, watery eyes), and a runny nose. Measles usually does not start with these symptoms, but rather through a small illness or rash, which later develop to become the later symptoms. Due to such similarities of the symptoms, from the cold to the measles, parents of children with the symptoms sign up to receive a vaccination.

The measles outbreak has caused deaths, demand for vaccination, and many hospitalizations. Measles is easy to spread. The infection doesn’t even have to be traveled through contact such as saliva or skin to skin contact, but through the air as well. The outbreak is causing chaos in many countries around the world.