El Chapo Found Guilty

El Chapo Trial

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El Chapo Trial

El Chapo the infamous Mexican crime lord was convicted on Tuesday after a three month trial in New York City. This conviction exposed how the inner workings of his cartel, that also shipped tons of drugs into the United States and also plagued Mexico with non-stop bloodshed and terrible corruption.

The text states that “The guilty verdict against the kingpin, whose real name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera, ended the career of a legendary outlaw who also served as a dark folk hero in Mexico, notorious for his innovative smuggling tactics, his violence against competitors”. Also the crazy stories of his prison escape and his ability to evade capture by the Mexican Authorities.

The decision from the jury came after more than a week of deliberations started by the panel at the trial in the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. This is where prosecutors provided mountains of evidence against the dangerous cartel leader, El Chapo. This included testimony from fifty-six different witnesses. Fourteen of the witnesses were people that used to work with the drug lord. He now is facing a lifetime sentence after being convicted of all ten counts.

Not long after the case, the jury got on February 4th Matthew Whitaker, the acting U.S. attorney general, stepped into the room. According to the text “He shook hands with each of the trial prosecutors, wishing them good luck”. Over more several days, the jurors were scrutinizing the government’s evidence they were asked to give thousands of pages of testimony including something which was a strange move, they also wanted the full testimonies of six different prosecution witnesses.

According to the text “Guzmán’s trial, which took place under intense media scrutiny and tight security from bomb-sniffing dogs, police snipers and federal marshals with radiation sensors, was the first time an American jury heard details about the financing, logistics and bloody history of one of the drug cartels that have long pumped huge amounts of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic drugs like fentanyl into the United States, earning traffickers billions of dollars”

Besides the extensive testimony about all the private jets filled with cash, the text also states “bodies burned in bonfires and shocking evidence that Guzmán and his men often drugged and raped young girls. The case also revealed the operatic, even absurd, nature of cartel culture. It featured accounts of traffickers taking target practice with a bazooka, a mariachi band playing all night outside a jail cell and a murder plot involving a cyanide-laced arepa.”

The trial was concluded leaving El Chapo sentenced to life in prison.