Apex Legends: The Killer of Fortnite

Apex and Fortnite have been two massively popular games. Similar in concept, fans wonder which game will be more successful.

Jason M.

Apex and Fortnite have been two massively popular games. Similar in concept, fans wonder which game will be more successful.

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Fortnite has dominated the entire video game market for months. Even as the stocks of video game giants, such as EA, Activision Blizzard, and Take-Two Interactive have crashed, Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite has held its reign.

Apex Legends is like many other games, a Battle Royale. Other than that, it has a few similarities with Fortnite. Apex Legends has respawns and tries to go for “realistic” graphics compared to Fortnite cartoonish graphics. As to be expected from an EA game, Apex Legends has good firing mechanics. During a relatively “quiet and boring” period in Fortnite, Apex Legends came out of nowhere. A game that few people knew about a week ago now has 25 million players, making itself one of the fastest growing video games in history. In comparison, even the Fortnite giant took 2 weeks to only get 10 million players. Apex only took 8 hours to get a million players and it is not even on mobile or the Nintendo switch yet.

Apex Legends is growing at a rate unseen before in the video game industry, but will Apex Legends beat Fortnite? It’s too early to tell. While a quick look at Twitch shows that Apex Legends is easily beating Fortnite in the number of views, it’s important to keep in mind that many streamers are sponsored by EA such as Ninja, or Tim the Tatman. Also, the incredible growth rate of Apex Legends could be due to the fact that the Battle Royale genre is far larger than it was when Fortnite was launched and that EA has been advertising a lot of Apex Legends. Almost all major Fortnite YouTubers and streamers have been sponsored by EA. While Apex Legends is a fun game, it is too early to see whether it will become the new Battle Royale titan or a fad.

Apex Legends is a fun game with smooth gameplay and the benefit of being free to play. It fixes a lot of problems that Fortnite has such as squads landing on opposite sides of the map and an easy to use a method of communication that does not require a headset.  

Apex Legends is the newest game in the Battle Royale world, but it is already proven itself to be a popular game and one of the fastest growing games ever. Only time will tell if Apex Legends truly is the “Fortnite killer”.

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