NHL All-star Weekend

Every year, the National Hockey League (NHL) hosts an annual two-day event known as the NHL All-Star Weekend. This year, it was organized in San Jose, California, where the San Jose Sharks play. Within the two days, there is an event known as NHL All-Star Skills day in which hockey players show off their skills and an All-Star Game day in which the league’s divisions compete against one another, for the 1 million dollar prize.

Playing in an NHL All-Star game is different from a regular hockey match. Instead of having five skaters and one goaltender, in the NHL All-Star game it is  3-on-3. Last year, the Pacific Divison won the prize of 1 Millon dollars as well as the title of champions. This year, the Metropolitan Divison won with the help of Henrik Lundqvist’s saving streak and Sidney Crosby’s astonishing goals. First up, was Central and Pacific. In the end, Central ended up beating the Pacific 10 to 4. Second up was Metropolitan and Atlantic. It was a fair fight as both teams played very well, but Metropolitan won 7 to 4. Lastly, for the win of 1 million dollars and the title, it was Metropolitan versus Central. The Metropolitan division beat central 10 to 5 practically showing off.

The 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend had good and bad moments. An honorable moment during NHL All-star Weekend was when Toronto Maple Leafs player Austin Matthews honored his teammate Patrick Marleau dearest former team the San Jose Sharks. New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist was on fire having a major save-a-ton and showing why he is a well-known goalie. History was made as there was involvement of female hockey players. USA two-time Olympian Kendall Coyne showed off to all the boys how fast she could skate completing the fastest skater competition during the NHL All-Star Skills event. She competed in only 14.346 seconds!

There were some memorable moments that probably won’t make it to the highlight reel. The Dallas Stars have had enough bad luck for this year, but one of their players, Miro Heiskanen, scared fans as he wiped out during the fastest skater competition. Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson got roasted for his lack of effort allowing seven goals out of nine shots in the first half of the Pacific Divison’s game against the Central Divison. San Jose Sharks fans showed their lack of respect for Pittsburgh Penguin captain Sidney Crosby by booing him because of his luck of always winning (poor sports if you ask me!).

2019 NHL All-Star game had its ups and downs, but after all, it was a good weekend to play and watch the sport of hockey.