The Tale of Filliam and Nolin PART 2!!!

PART 2! i am just adding these words so its more than 10

Colin M.

PART 2! i am just adding these words so its more than 10

Nolin was walking down the rainy street at midnight. There was barely any light as the part of this town had been demonetized. As Nolin walked, he noticed a figure looking straight at him. This figure was standing still. Nolin looked closely. In the darkness, it was hard to identify figure but since Nolin watched a lot of anime he could see in the dark. The rain seemed to slow down as Nolin realized who this was. It was his old enemy Filliam.

It had been a while since Nolin and Filliam had seen each other. 1 day to be exact. Now Nolin and Filliam didn’t have to talk to know what was going to happen, but they did make it seem more dramatic.

“Listen Filliam,” Nolin said, “just walk away. I have the power of anime by my side.”

“Nah,” he replied, and the fight began.

Filliam charged forward his fist clenched. Nolin gave a groovy smile. As Williams’ fist charged towards Nolins face, Nolin slowed down time with his anime power. “Jikan ga kakaru!”

Time slowed down. The rain fell in slow motion. Same as Filliams fist. The only thing that didn’t move in slow motion was Nolin. Nolin moved Filliams fist to his own face.Teiki-tekina jikan-tomo no! Time went back to normal. Filliam punched himself in his face and broke his nose.

“OW!” Filliam said. “That wasn’t very Kraemer!”

In a rage, Filliam pulled out his semi-final weapon. The big Chungus.

“NO!”  yelled Nolin. “That’s not fair!” Filliam just smiled.

The Chungus charged towards Nolin. Nolin tried to shoot him with his finger blasters, but the Chungus was immune. Chungus scored an upper cut on Nolin. Nolin soared up to the sky and landed with a thud. Nolin laid still. The Chugus slowly walked up to Nolin. Nolin knew that he was thoroughly screwed. Nolin could defeat the Chungus but his power would destroy world and would ultimately kill him with everyone else.

Inside Nolin’s mind he knew he was more powerful than Filliam and the Chungus, but Nolin had no control over his power. He needed to find a way before the chungus got him. Suddenly, Nolin got an idea. Since he watched anime he had the ability to shape shift. “Keijō shifuto-ryoku!” Filliam gasped. “NO! Not Shaggy! That’s too op you’ll destroy the world like last time!”

“Naw, Filliam I’m only going to use 6% of my power cuz you’re weak af.”

Nolin  in Shaggy form charged towards the Chungus with such force that Chungus disappeared. Nolin t in Shaggy form was glowing in a blue light so bright that it was bright. Filliam knew he lost. Shaggy was too powerful. “Well,” Filliam said, “I guess you won, but I’m not going out without a fight.” In his final attempt, Filliam charged toward Nolin in Shaggy form.

Nolin in Shaggy form smiles and says. “Omiya mou shindeiru.”

Filliam knew there was only one thing he could do. HE YEETED AWAY to safety. “Oh shoot,” Said Nolin. Suddenly someone sneezed from behind Nolin. “It was probably Mason but we’re all out of time for this story so you’re going to have to wait till next time or until Mrs. Smith lets the class write another freestyle.” said Mason.