Why Are Some Clothing Brands So Expensive?

Why are some brands so expensive?

William S.

Why are some brands so expensive?

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A black sweatshirt engraved with the words “Off-White Logo” is priced at $470 US dollars. Another red checkered shirt is rated at $645. There are many brands with similar pricing margins, such as Supreme and Bape. They all have a similarity: their designs are one of the most simple, with images of their brand or people. Many people wonder why such brands are so expensive for such simple designs. Here’s why some clothing brands are so expensive.


Sometimes clothing brands are expensive for legitimate reasons, such as the place of production. Places such as Malaysia and the Philippines are areas that are rural and cheaper to produce clothing there. This is why brands such as GAP have such low prices. Brands such as Supreme have most of their production based in countries such as Canada and the United States. The minimum wage in Canada and the United States is tremendously higher than Malaysia, which increases the price of the clothing. Another reason why these clothing brands are expensive is due to quality. Usually, knockoffs fall apart within a matter of months, while official merchandise lasts for years.


Other times clothing brands are expensive due to all the hype surrounding the brand. For example, a merchandise store run by a group of YouTubers called “sisters” sells $40 dollar sweatshirts. Due to their fan base though, millions of sweaters are sold. These brands are considered overhyped. Some brands also do this to create an illusion their brand is superior compared to others. Higher prices can make us humans think that more expensive brands than other brands such as GAP or Old Navy.


An experiment was conducted by Payless, in which they opened a fake retail store in Los Angeles and marked up prices by over 1,000 percent. Naming the store Palessi, Payless invited social media influencers to check out the new store. Many described the cheap shoes as elegant, very classy, and made with high-quality material. One woman said she would pay over 500 dollars for a shoe that costs 19 dollars at Payless. When told the shoes were from Payless, customer’s reactions were shocking, with many replying, “Are you serious?” and “You gotta be kidding me.”


Overall, these brands are expensive due to various reasons, such as quality of clothing, marketing, the hype surrounding these brands, and areas of production. Many brands would produce their clothing in more rural areas to reduce pricing, while more expensive brands usually produce products in the USA or Canada. Other times brands are overhyped or use luxury style stores to bring up the price.

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