Medicare For All

Medicare Protesters

Molly Adams

Medicare Protesters

Medicare For All is a health care plan that was developed by Senator Bernie Sanders. It is single-payer health insurance, that the national government runs. The program covers all Americans and replaces private coverage. Health care financing is organized by a single public or quasi-public agency. Bernie Sanders believed that free healthcare should be recognized as a right rather than a privilege, and given to everyone, regardless of their income. The plan goes over a variety of different health problems that it covers. The idea for the patients is that they don’t need to choose a health-care provider while worrying if they are in-network, if they will get the care needed for them, or knowing how they will afford the immense cost. Senator Sanders also claims that this plan will charge the American people less. He says the federal government can negotiate fair prices for the American people, while they also stand up to the drug companies trying to take advantage.

The typical middle-class family will save $5,000 dollars a year because of the plan. Not only will the prices be to the American people, but his entire plan claims that it will cost $6 trillion less over the next ten years. This will be extremely helpful to save due to the United State’s national debt. The less money spent the better. The cost of the plan is $1.38 trillion per year. Senator Sanders has already made some strategy for who is going to pay for it. He plans on “A 6.2 percent income-based health care premium paid by employers.” He also quotes that he will add a “2.2 percent income-based premium paid by households.” He will also use progressive income tax rates, making the wealthy also pay their fair share.

Furthermore, based on how the Medicare For All plan works and as Bernie Sanders says, should healthcare be a right to all people regardless of their incomes? Healthcare should be recognized as a right. Due to the fact that private health insurance companies take advantage of clients with overly expensive bills and secret agreements. There should be a healthcare program for all civilians who can’t afford it. In modern times more diseases are becoming more common. For example, obesity and diabetes have become a huge problem in the United States. The problems most likely arose from technology. With technology advancing, more people getting drug addictions and fewer people are going outside to exercise. Health is more important than ever in this type of society, and a healthcare insurance company for every citizen should be possible.

All in all, I think people should have health care regardless of their income because of the drastic health problems surrounding the United States and the private companies that scam clients. Healthcare should be recognized as a right for all Americans and should be provided no matter what.