Disney raising prices again- when will it be too much?

Disney Land

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Disney Land

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has raised their prices by up to 25% in the last year. Now, the cheapest day ticket is over $100 for the low demand days, such as an April weekday. For a one-day adult ticket on a peak date, they increased the price from $135 to $149. They also rose their premium pass up by $370.

Since the new Star Wars ride is coming out, Robert Nile said, “Fans absolutely will pay Disneyland’s higher prices to experience the new Star Wars lands. Disney has invested heavily in promoting itself as a lifestyle brand, and its dedicated fans won’t abandon it over these price increases.” Disney lovers are going to pay whatever it cost to go to Disneyland, so they keep raising the prices. The price markup is the effect of the new Star Wars theme park, Galaxy Edge, getting built and improving other areas. Hong Kong Disneyland spent 1.4 billion dollars expanding Frozen and Avengers parks. They are also adding capacity to Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland Paris. On top of that, they spend 4.5 billion dollars in 2018 on repairing Disney Hotels.

Then, Disney started to get competitors. Magic Kingdom’s attendance doubled and Universal Studios opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which also increased the population attendance. In 2011, Disney opened its Avatar theme park and their prices started to increase and in 2017, Disneyland had 55% of North America’s theme park attendance. Since their dates during breaks and summer were increasing by a lot, they decided to raise their price to balance the rates.    

Disney rose the price to spread out attendance rates during the slower times of the year. Disney had a statement on USA News, “We know how important making memories at Disney theme parks is to our guests and we will continue to evolve our pricing in a way that gives them a range of options to meet their budget and helps them better spread attendance throughout the year so they can make the most of every visit.” They have been pricing summer date higher than others to move out the big crowds. In the future, most prices are either going up or down depending on the dates. If attendance rates go up, Disney will probably increase their prices more. Lewison said in an email, “The busiest days are already barely tolerable in terms of guest experience, and [Walt Disney World] has recently opened or is currently doing construction for nearly a dozen new major lands and attractions, some of them the most anticipated theme park additions ever.” This means that since Disney shall keep expanding, it will get more crowded, making the price increase. Disney wants the best experience for their guest, which would lead to their price slowing raising in the future.