Alexander Hamilton Musical Review

The playbill of the musical Hamilton

Kathleen Smith

The playbill of the musical Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, an astonishing musical became known worldwide in the summer of 2016. It tells a story of one of the United States of America founding fathers and the challenges he had to overcome. From the time he was born to when he died, he was faced with all sorts of tragedies. The musical beautifully reenacts Alexander Hamilton’s life through song and dance. It brings adults to tears as they witness what happened to his children, wife, and legacy. Throughout his life, Hamilton was viewed as the first United States secretary and the man who lost an important gun duel. However, in the musical, the audience has the chance to see beyond the historical facts and clearly understand all sides of his almost forgotten story.

Unlike any other musical, the Broadway show is only performed in the hip hop culture with song, rap, and dance to display any emotion such as hatred or love. However, this was not always the case. Originally, Lin said he was putting together a playwright soundtrack. “but we found that if you start with our opening number, you can’t go back to speech. The ball is just thrown too high in the air.” he explains. The only scene in the show that was scripted in words is when Hamilton discovers the death of his friend John Lawrence. Lin thought it was more of a scene situation than a song because of the development of Hamilton’s character.

Inspired by Ron Chernow’s biography, Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote this play on vacation from his original Broadway show, “In the Heights.” This musical won 4 Emmy Awards in 2008. Lin was sitting by the pool and felt the need to read something. So, he picked up the biography. Eight years later, it is clear he made the right decision. “I was just browsing the biography section. It could have been Truman,” he remarks.

It took 2 years for Lin-Manuel to get through the first two songs. In fact, in 2009, he went big and performed his first rough draft in the White House. This performance was shown for the first time in front of President Barak Obama. Little did he know that he would be standing in that same place almost seven years later with his fellow cast members performing his completed soundtrack. Thanks to this musical, everyone will now forever remember Alexander Hamilton for not only his politic side but his culture and legacy.