Longest Government Shutdown Ever Finally Ends

Protests of the Government Shutdown

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Protests of the Government Shutdown

The Government shutdown has lasted 35 days. Government workers were scrambling to find a temporary job until they can get their paycheck. Recently, Donald Trump signed a bill to reopen the government for three weeks so that government workers can get some money. Getting one hundred dollars a week isn’t still enough because they just lost their high paying job and has to find a temporary job somewhere else. Some workers have had five hundred dollar phone bills from calling back and forth to other government workers making sure everything is right and stable.

During the three week span, government workers rushed to make up their money so that after the three weeks, they would have money to survive for a few weeks before they go broke. Some of their temporary jobs were actually Uber and Lyft jobs. Other government workers had to take multiple jobs so that there would be enough money to support their family. This is sort being from high ranking to getting knocked down all the way the middle class where most of America is.

Donald Trump says that he would use his power as president to shutdown the government again with presidential powers stated in the Constitution. Donald Trump wants to have border security to prevent immigrants from coming into the U.S illegally without a passport.

As time passes during the shutdown, Democrats will have to sign a bill to fund the government for the rest of the year. The government is temporarily open until the three-week span ends with not enough money to survive. Some citizens of the United States are kind of getting mad about the shutdown being a bit “too” long.

Some people have noticed that Donald Trump doesn’t really care about government workers or anybody else, but what he wants. All he wants is a wall and what he thinks is right from wrong. Trump doesn’t think about the ecosystem and what harm he may have done just to improve business sales. When Donald Trump reopened the Government, eight hundred thousand federal government workers who haven’t been paid in about more than a month.