Starbucks CEO Running for President

Howard Schultz

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Howard Schultz

In a 60-minutes interview, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that he was seriously considering running for president in 2020. He would run as a “centrist independent” that would bring in ideas from both parties despite being a longtime Democrat himself. If Schultz becomes president, he would become the first independent president in US history since George Washington and also become the richest president ever, followed by Donald Trump In comparison, the next highest net worth of any president is President Washington with a ‘meager’ $525 million net worth. It would also be the second time in a row that a businessman with no previous political or military experience is elected as Commander-in-Chief. If Howard won the 2020 election, he would also become the first ever Jewish president.

His announcement was met with negative reactions from Democrats with fears that Schultz would take votes away from the Democratic party and ensure that Trump is elected to a second term. Polls show that the majority of Americans have already decided that they would not vote for President Trump. However, if the number of votes going to Democrats is split up by a 3rd party contender, Trump stands a chance of being reelected. Eight Democrats have already announced their own bids to run for president with more likely to be on the way, while Donald Trump is the only Republican running in 2020. Democrats also fear that Howard Schultz could spend his wealth buying “endless” amounts of political advertisements and TV time. However, Schultz has stated that he would completely separate his presidential bid with the Starbucks company and release his tax returns.

So where does Schultz stand on controversial topics? He believes that illegal immigrants should have a “fair and equitable” process of becoming legal citizens of the United States. Leaving the Paris Climate Accord was a major mistake on Donald Trump’s part as well as the 2018 tax cut. Americans deserve the right to have quality health care but he believes that the Democrats plan for free healthcare to all is outrageous and something the county cannot afford. He has promoted diversity in workplaces and LGBT rights. Howard Schultz believes Donald Trump is unqualified to serve as president.

Howard Schultz is the latest contender in a 2020 presidential race that is already heating up.