Plane Crashes into Yorba Linda House

NTSB investigator examining the tale of a Cessna 414A

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NTSB investigator examining the tale of a Cessna 414A

On Sunday, a twin-engined Cessna 414A crashed into a Yorba Linda community killing 5. The Cessna had just taken off from Fullerton Municipal Airport and climbed to 7800 feet before suddenly losing altitude and crashing into the ground. During its dive, the plane caught on fire and lost its tail and wings due to the high speeds. The pilot was the only

Four family members inside the house were killed during their Superbowl party and are yet to be identified due to the state of their bodies as well as the 75-year-old pilot Antonio Pastinini. Authorities initially believed Antonio was a former Chicago Police officer due to an ID and police badge they found on his body however, the sheriff’s office has discovered that Antonio was never a police officer. The ID that Patini had on him is believed to have been created fictiously and the police badge was stolen in 1978. It is unknown why he was carrying false credentials. Patini Antonio’s birth name was Jordan Isaacson but even his own daughter did not state why he changed his name a couple of years ago. He owns a restaurant in his home state of Nevada and flies to California at least twice a month to visit family including his granddaughter. Two others were burned from the crash. The 2-story house on the 19000 block of Crestknoll Drive was engulfed in flames. Neighbors who heard the explosion ran outside to help as debris was still falling from the sky. One neighbor tried to extinguish a small fire with a garden hose.

Debris from the plane scattered around the neighborhood in a 4 block radius, making it difficult for investigators to document and retrieve evidence. The fuselage of the plane slid downhill and crashed into another house. The cause of the crash is currently unknown and it could take the NTSB up to 18 months to determine a reason. A preliminary report is expected in the next 5 to 10 days. The nearby elementary school, Glenknoll Elementary was closed Monday and used as the command post for the NTSB investigation. The mayor of Yorba Linda will host a candlelight vigil in Glenknool Elementary on Wednesday for the victims.

This plane crash was a terrible tragedy on Super Bowl Sunday. The mystery of the plane crash and its pilot with false credentials is yet to be solved.