U.S. Withdraws from Syria

Troops in Syria

via Joint Staff

Troops in Syria

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On December 19th of 2018, President Donald Trump made an announcement regarding the withdrawal of United States troops in Syria. President Trump included in his speech that ISIS in Northern Syria has been defeated, and therefore there was no need for a US military presence in Syria. The National Security Advisor, John Bolton, stated that “the withdrawal of US troops from Syria depends on certain conditions.” One condition made clear includes protection to the Kurds, who will not have US protection when they withdraw. The Kurds were a big ally to the United States with all the fighting in Syria. John Bolton is particularly worried about Turkey, one of the Kurd’s enemies in the war. The removal will be slow, at least until Turkey signs an agreement that prevents them from attacking the Kurds. Even if the process will be slow, Donald Trump assures that it will happen. President Trump did add then the US will not be fully out of the Middle East until ISIS in all the affected countries is wiped out and there is no more need for the US to stay in the Middle East. John Bolton and Donald Trump both have different ways they want to execute the withdrawal. John Bolton made this clear when he visited Israel and Turkey, he talked about the conditions that Turkey must agree to before the troops leave. On the next Monday, President Trump said that there was no change to his original statements about the topic. The Turkish President responded to what Bolton said, stating that Bolton made a “serious mistake.” Turkey also confirmed that they cannot accept the conditions related to the Kurdish Fighters.

Many officials are disagreeing with Donald Trump. The Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned saying that Donald Trump needed a defense secretary “more aligned with his views.” Furthermore, Adam Smith, the House Armed Services Committee Chairman stated that “our allies matter enormously and the president treats them like dirt.” Not only the Democratic party, but even some Republicans are disagreeing with the President too. They fear that this will globally affect the reputation of the United States. Senator Lindsey O. Graham stated that “There are three things we want to accomplish as part of a withdrawal.” The senator’s views are related to John Bolton’s. Trump, responding to this, said that he “is slowing down and reevaluating his policies in light of these three objectives.” Nothing is for sure yet, but both sides are to continue decisions and to decide how to execute the withdrawal.

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