Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas


Kathleen S.


Located in the Bahamas, is a resort of luxury and excitement also known as Atlantis Paradise Island. In this water park resort, there are many rooms to stay in and a water park to enjoy throughout the day. The Atlantis water park is called Aquaventure and is one of the largest waterparks in the Eastern hemisphere. Wearing water shoes or sandals are highly recommended when walking around the park due to the high temperature of heat which makes the ground burning hot.

While staying at Atlantis, there are different buildings with rooms to stay in. There are seven buildings that visitors can stay in such as the Cove, the Royal, the Coral, the Beach, the Reef, the Harborside Resort, and the Atlantis Marina. Each of these hotel buildings has different pricing and different pros about each of them. The buildings have different views of different parts of the water park to look out of the window while staying at the hotel. The Atlantis hotel also has many activities for visitors to participate in. Many of these activities involve underwater animals like swimming with stingrays, sharks, dolphins, fish, and other animals.

The Aquaventure water park is what attracts the most visitors. This park consists of tube rides, slides, pools, and beaches for all ages of tourists. Just like most water parks, the Aquaventure has a lazy river but it’s unique because it’s a mile long river with extreme rapids, waves, escalators, and conveyor belts throughout the lazy river. One of the scariest rides at the park is the Leap of Faith water slide. This slide has a 60-foot drop and then travels through a clear tunnel in a shark tank. Another shark visiting slide is a tube slide that travels through a small tunnel slide and is moved slowly into the shark tank. Another popular slide is the Abyss which has a 50- foot drop in complete darkness that ends with a fish aquarium surrounding in a cavern. The Aquaventure park doesn’t just have water rides, they have pools to just swim around in too. Some of these pools include a pool for just adults, family pools, and kid pools. The adult pool, or the Cove Pool, is exclusive to only adults with daybeds surrounding it. Some of the family pools include the Grotto Pool, where there are waterfalls around the edges of the swimming area, the Mayan Temple Pool, the Coral Pool, surrounded with poolscape and a water volleyball court, the River Pool, connected to the Lazy River, and the Cascades Pool, with oceanside views from inside of the water. Due to the height constraints of the water rides, The Atlantis resort made kid water areas with mini water slides, mini fountains, a pool area for kids to play in, and a water playground.

The Atlantis Paradise Island at the Bahamas is a hotel open to guests of all ages with excitement, fun, and time spent with family and friends. This hotel contains many activities to keep visitors busy and a waterpark for a full day of fun. The Atlantis Paradise Island hotel is a memorable place to stay when visiting the Bahamas.