Student Spotlight on Alanna Reynoso

Alanna Reynoso playing softball at one of her games

Jacqueline Chai

Alanna Reynoso playing softball at one of her games

Alanna R. is a 7th-grade honors student attending Kraemer Middle School. She is known for her goofy, outgoing personality on campus and is also loved by her countless friends. For Alanna’s electives, she is in exploratory wheel Mrs. Missoni and Peer Leadership with Mr. Castro. Of all her classes, Peer Leadership with Mr. Castro has to be her favorite class. She likes Peer because it is a lot of fun to be with her “peer family” and it makes herself feel good when she is able to help others plus call herself a leader.


Alanna is apart of a family of four. She lives in Anaheim with her mom, Reana, her dad, Rick, and her younger brother, Jayden. She is the oldest child and loves to mess around with her little brother. Before coming to Kraemer, Alanna went to John O. Tynes Elementary School from first grade to sixth grade. Her favorite teacher was Miss Gullotti because she was really fun.


Outside of school, Alanna plays softball. The team she is currently playing with are the Batbusters of the Orange County league. She enjoys playing softball because it is an amazing sport that gives a lot of determination and it takes a lot of hard work to be good and it is fun. Softball is very important to Alanna as she has dreams of attending University of Oregon or Oklahoma University playing softball. Recently, Alanna went to Florida playing with her travel team.


Besides softball, Alanna also loves to watch Netflix and eat delicious foods. On Netflix, Alanna’s favorite movie is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before based on the Best-Selling book by Jenny Han. Some of Alanna’s favorite dishes include the Italian pasta dish Fettuccine Alfredo and Teriyaki Bowls. Alanna’s sweet tooth loves the caramel and chocolate delight known as Snickers.


Alanna is a fun, energetic student who is kind to all her peers. Her lively smile and laugh will surely put a smile on those around her. A fellow friend and student named Mariah H. says, “Alanna is a fun and fashionable person. Everyone should be friends with her!”