Weirdest Sports Around the World

Almost everyone on earth knows what soccer is and many people around the world know sports like basketball, football, cricket, baseball, hockey, and golf. What many people don’t know about are the uncommon, non-competitive sports, and ones that are questionable in terms of whether they should even be considered a sport. Some of these sports have been played for a long time and originated in foreign countries where they evolved in the odd sports they are today.

Most people have heard of boxing, but what about chess boxing. This sport is actually played in front of crowds in an actual boxing ring but instead of just fighting also play chess. In chess boxing, the competitors start by playing a game of chess and switch between the two sports each one having a limited amount of time. The entire match consists of 11 alternating rounds, and there is a judge who decides whether one competitor wins by evaluating whether a checkmate or a knockout determines the victory. This sport originated in Denmark and Iepe Rubingh, a performance artist, thought up the idea to mix these two completely different sports.

Yet another odd sport is wife carrying. The objective of the sport is for the husband to carry the wife while running through a course with many different obstacles and get to the finish line first. The ideal pair is a very strong male and a petite female. Wife carrying originated in Finland but spread to North America where wife carrying championships are held. Courses can be around 200-300 meters and can have obstacles like hurdles, uphill ramps, piles of dirt, and the most difficult of obstacles, the mud pits.

This next sport is one that is questionable and definitely odd but is somewhat popular. It is called extreme ironing and it involves people being sent to interesting outdoor areas where they are given the task to iron a specific amount of clothing. It is actually not competitive, instead, it is a test of mental and physical strength capacity. Your goal is to iron the clothing well while in diverse biomes or in uncomfortable areas. Some of the simpler areas are ironing in a tree, on a roof, on top of a car, in the back of a car, and on a large rock. Some extreme ironing methods are absolutely insane and will leave people questioning how it is even possible. These methods include ironing while hanging upside down on a tightrope, ironing underwater, ironing underwater near a shark, ironing in freezing locations, ironing while driving a motorcycle, ironing while skiing or jet skiing, and even ironing while skydiving.

Shin kicking may be considered as a simple game rather than a sport, but it does actually have a world championship. This sport originated in England and is still played today in the same place it started. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward. are supposed to kick the opponent’s shins until they are knocked to the ground, and whoever stands up the longest is declared the winner.

The final sport is not played anymore after it was found to be too dangerous. Octopus wrestling was used as a form of entertainment and started about 60 years ago but became widely unpopular and has basically disappeared from the face of the Earth. This sport, despite it starting in various parts of the world, became most popular on the west coast of the U.S where competitions were held to see which competitor could beat the largest octopus in a wrestling match. The reason the sport started becoming less popular was the fact that the suction cups on the octopus could be dangerous and would sometimes attach to the competitor and leave them with damaged skin. When this sport was at its zenith it sometimes had around 5000 people watching, and during its beginnings, it had around 200 spectators.

Many of these sports will most likely be played for years or even decades to come despite them being very unordinary and unpopular because the people who are involved, whether they are spectators or competitors, will keep the tradition alive.