Pro Golfer Cody Blick’s Clubs Stolen

Golfer Cody Blick


Golfer Cody Blick

Cody Blick is a professional golfer born in San Ramon, California. Blick has been playing pro golf for three years so far and is currently 25-years-old. Cody is competing in the problematic Tour. On Sunday, December 9, 2018, Cody was supposed to play in the final round of the Tour qualifying school. His performance would determine whether or not he would maintain a position on next season’s Tour, a development tour for the PGA Tour. It was an important day for his career, and Cody Blick’s clubs had been stolen.

Blick was staying at an Airbnb in Arizona and was cooking breakfast when he realized that the garage door was open and his clubs were gone. At that point in the tournament, Blick was heading into the fourth round of the tour and was tied for 74th on ten under par. This meant that he was four shots short of a top-40 finish that would earn him a guaranteed eight starts on the Tour. Desperate, Blick turned to Social Media. “I will give you $5,000 cash no questions asked”, Blick posted on Instagram. No one responded. “I went through a rollercoaster of emotions for about five minutes,” Blick told “I was kinda freaking out, but I had to get it together.”

Through the kindness of friends and a few spare irons at the club shop, he was able to get all the materials needed and get to his 10:39 AM tee time. Blick started rough but shocked everybody afterward. Cody Blick shot a 63, his lowest round in the tournament. He shot up 49 places on the leaderboard and finished tied for 25th. This meant that Blick’s place was secured for the eight matches of next year’s Tour. “It was an attack mentality all day,” Blick told “Hitting bad shots was OK, almost, like, dude, I have a mismatched set; it’s not expected of me to hit good shots. Weirdly, that was comforting.” It has not yet been revealed whether Blick will keep his mismatched set of clubs, Blick later posted on Instagram, thanking his team and everyone who helped him get through this. Blick mentioned that golf is viewed as an individual sport, but his story of the stolen clubs was full of teamwork. “Moreover, thank you to everyone who reached out with positive words, it all means a lot to me! Can’t wait for 2019.60000GolCody Blickkpou