Fuller House Season 4- What to expect

The row of houses in San Francisco where the Fuller House house is located


The row of houses in San Francisco where the Fuller House house is located

People have been counting down until December 14, 2018. Why? Simply because Fuller House season 4 is coming out. This Netflix Original Series is a spin-off from Full House.  The conflicts are similar but have a modern twist and a sense of humor.

Full House ran from 1987 to 1995 with 8 seasons. The main plot: Danny Tanner, a broadcaster for Wake up, San Francisco, loses his wife in a car accident and has to raise his three daughters (D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle) on his own.  He calls in his brother-in-law, Jesse, and his best friend, Joey to help him raise his daughters. As the girls grow up, Danny, Jesse, and Joey handle all the conflicts as one big family.

Season 1 of Fuller House came out on Feb 26, 2016, reintroducing DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy (DJ’s best friend), and Danny. They also introduce DJ’s three children Jackson, Max, and Tommy, Kimmy’s brother Jimmy, Kimmy’s ex-husband Fernando, their daughter Ramona, and also reintroduce DJ’s boyfriend, Steve, from Full House. DJ is a working mom, as she is a veterinarian, who has trouble when she has to raise her three children after her husband dies as a firefighter. Danny was helping DJ out with everything, but he had to move to LA for a new job. DJ then learns that she can’t do everything by herself, so her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy move in to help her out.


Over the three seasons that have come out, there are a few main conflicts that will be resolved in season 4. Some are Kimmy’s relationship with Fernando, DJ’s complex love life, and Stephanie’s baby/relationship with Jimmy.


At the end of season 3, we find out that Jesse, Becky, Joey, and Danny are moving back to San Franciso. Danny loses his job, but Becky is still the host of wakeup San Francisco, and Jesse and Joey buy the SMASH Club back. Steve takes a job as a podiatrist in LA for the Lakers after breaking off his engagement with CJ during their wedding. DJ also breaks off her engagement with Matt because she has feelings for Steve. Yet there are still a few questions that have been left unanswered. Will DJ’s relationship work out? What will happen to Danny? Will the Smash Club be successful?  What about Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby?


Sneak Peak on Season 4:

In Season 4 there are thirteen episodes. In these many questions are answered that were left from season 3 are answered. After being bored long enough Danny sets out to find a new job with Becky, and again co-host, Wake Up, San Francisco. Steve returns to San Francisco, this brings Steve and DJ closer. Ramona, Max, and Jackson have a difficult time with their friends and parents. Though the event everyone was waiting for was the birth of the baby. Spoiler alert! The baby was born during the last episode where Jimmy and Stephanie get engaged.