Is the Earth Flat?

Many people have different opinions on the earth’s shape, but there is only one logical answer. The earth is not flat for many valid reasons that have been proven. However, everyone has their own opinion on this statement.
People that think the Earth is flat have their reasons. Through their point of view, Earth is a disc with the Antarctic Circle in the middle. Antarctica is around the rim at 150 feet. Workers at NASA then guard the wall, so people don’t fall off the edge of the world and into space. The Official Flat Earth and Discussion page founder said that NASA had been lying and he had real proof that the Earth is flat. Flat-earthers, as they are called, have an explanation for how day and night work. They also theorize that gravity does not exist, but the Earth escalates at 96.04 meters every second by a different force known as dark energy and underneath the Earth, =there are rocks. These people also believe that photos of the Earth that NASA takes are photoshopped to seem as if the Earth was indeed round. One famous flat-earther is Shaq, or better known as Shaquille O’Neal, saying that when he drives from Florida to California, “it’s flat to me,” but later said he was kidding.
The Earth is spherical for many more-logical reasons than flat-earthers have created. First of all, a scientist named Charles Werneth, who works for NASA, is a research physicist. Physics have many aspects linked to the universe. Although he has not been in space, he is personally not a flat-earther and has proved to be a reliable source because of his association with NASA Langley. Also, satellites would have to be quite close to the Earth to make it look spherical if it was flat, which it is not. The Earth is so large, not enough NASA workers would be able to prevent people from climbing over the edge of the disc that Earth is not. Shaq’s quote on driving from Florida to California is ridiculous because crossing the United States is nothing compared to traveling across the world. Again, the Earth is a big place, so the Earth is seemingly flat when driving slowly. Another evidentiary fact is the record for flying around the world. If the Earth was flat then eventually, they would fall off the disc. Then pilots would, at one point, end up in space. These facts outweigh the flat-earthers; the Earth is not flat.