The Grinch Review

A drawn image of The Grinch

A drawn image of The Grinch

On November 9, 2018, the Christmas favorite movie, The Grinch was released. Based on the Dr. Seuss movie and book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it is a remade classic. The movie only has a 57% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the public has some mixed reviews. Christopher Oakley said, “A feel-good adaptation bright and cheery and full of Christmas spirit. Cumberbatch is quite good as the Grinch and the other voice work is enjoyable. You feel good when it’s over and what more can you ask for!” On the other hand, Nick Johnston said, “[It] feels about 75 minutes too long.”


The Grinch has always hated the singing, decorations, and celebrations of Christmas. He lives in a cave on Mount Crumpet with only his loyal dog, Max, and looks over the happiness of Whoville. The Grinch ran out of food in his lonely home, so he goes to Whoville. While in Whoville, he runs into a little girl named Cindy-Lou. The Grinch finds out that Christmas is going to be three times bigger, louder, and brighter. He realizes that the only way to have peace and quiet during the winter time is to steal Christmas. He decides to make a plan. On Christmas Eve, the Grinch will pose as Santa Claus and take all the decorations, presents, and lights. What he didn’t know was that Cindy-Lou was going to capture Santa in the middle of the night to ask him a question. She wanted Santa to do something for her mom because she always does so much for everyone.


On Christmas Eve, the Grinch began his plan. He went to Whoville and started to take everything related to Christmas. With his trusty dog Max pulling the sleigh, the Grinch took everything without a sound. He arrived at the last house and it was Cindy-Lou’s. When he trickled in through the chimney, her trap worked and the Grinch was stuck. When she came downstairs, she asked the Grinch why he was taking the Christmas tree, and he said he was taking it to the North Pole to fix it. Finally, Cindy-Lou asked the Grinch to help her mother. She went back to bed and the Grinch was gone.


The morning of Christmas was like no Who expected. There were no decorations, lights, presents, or anything related to Christmas, but what they did have was spirit. The Whos had each other and that was all they needed to be happy. They sang the loudest they could and the Grinch was confused. He had stolen all of their presents and they were happy? The Christmas joy fills the Grinch’s heart and he returned the gifts to the Whos. He said he was sorry and it was his fault for ruining Christmas.


Later on, in the day, Cindy-Lou came to the Grinch’s home and invited him to dinner. He decides to come and Donna, Cindy-Lou’s mother, lets him cut the ham. The Grinch gives a toast that he never hated Christmas but rather being alone on the holidays. The Grinch is a Christmas favorite movie to watch during the holidays.