The Nutcracker Ballet at ABT

The Nutcracker ballet's representation of snowflakes

The Nutcracker ballet's representation of snowflakes

One of the most famous ballets, the Nutcracker, is being shown around this time of year in the holiday season. It was first shown in Russia, but it is now being shown all around the United States. This show is filled with many adventurous scenes as the main character travels on a journey meeting many other characters and beautiful settings. The ballet, performed by the American Ballet Theater, is choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky and danced to music that was created by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky. The famous ballet lasts for almost two hours along with an intermission in the middle of the show. ABT performs this show every year in December and has a goal of making the audience happy and amazed by the amazing technique by the Sugar Plum Fairy and fun adventure that the main characters take them on through the show. There are many shows performed throughout the month at the Segerstrom Theater, located in Costa Mesa, and is performed by many professional ballet dancers including famous Misty Copeland.

The Nutcracker ballet is about a young girl, named Clara, who is at their annual Christmas Eve party with her brother Fritz. As everyone arrived, their godfather, Drosselmeyer, brought all the children gifts, and Clara was given the best gift of all which made her brother jealous. He took the Nutcracker from Clara and threw it around with the other boys at the party and accidentally broke the toy soldier. Fortunately, Godfather Drosselmeyer fixed the injured toy. Once it got late, the families went home, and the party came to an end. Before Clara went to bed, she said good night to her Nutcracker and fell asleep under the tree. At midnight, she woke up and noticed that she was shrinking and mice started to slowly creep around her along with their Mouse King. Her Nutcracker had also come to life and helped defeat the army. After the fight between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, the Nutcracker turned into a prince and drove Clara into a snowy forest. They run into the Sugar Plum Fairy and are treated by a show of all different kinds of cultural dances. After all the dances, the Sugar Plum Fairy and a Cavalier dance together and ended Clara’s night. Clara and the prince leave and she wakes up the next morning under the same, normal sized, Christmas tree with the Nutcracker in between her arms as she wonders if it was all a dream.

The Nutcracker has changed throughout the past years. The original Nutcracker was titled “The Nutcracker and The Mouse King” but was changed to just “The Nutcracker”. Clara, the main character, was also supposed to be an unloved daughter who does chores for the family and is disliked. She was also supposed to be named Marie or Maria and still is in some dance companies.

The American Ballet Theater, ABT, brings over a hundred people to the stage to entertain and perform for the audience. Throughout the story, there are many dances that are graceful and delicate but there are also some that are exciting and bubbly. This ballet is not just performed by ABT, but it is performed by many other dance companies around some parts of the world.