Places to visit in Barcelona


Thomas W.


Located in Spain, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and most attractive cities in the world. There is everything from great food to historical buildings. There is so much to do here that it seems like no one will never get bored of this fantastic city. There is phenomenal food, cool places to visit, and sports.


The food here is unique and fresh as can be. There’s a lot of food, there are fresh seafood and well-cooked meat. One food a visitor must try is Paella. It is festive seafood with rice used at parties and celebrations. It is best made homemade because this delectable dish takes a very long time to cook so they don’t serve it at restaurants. This used to be made with meat and rice, but they changed it to seafood and rice. One other food that anyone that travels to Barcelona must try is Crema Catalana. It is made with vanilla custard and blowtorched which gives it that glossy look. The French and Spanish have a debate where both sides believe that they first created this wonderful dish, but it sure doesn’t matter. One final food that any travelers to Barcelona should try is Pa Amb Tomaquet. It is as simple as could be. It literally translates into “bread and tomato.” That’s all it is, bread and tomato. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, this can be eaten with any meal. The bread is rubbed with garlic and the tomato contains olive oil, salt, and pepper. This is in basically every restaurant anyone can find in Spain. The food here is fantastic and is made like none other.


Barcelona has many places to visit and all of these places have very interesting pasts. The Parc Guell perfectly fits this description.  There is a fascinating history to go along with the amazing building. It was originally a housing community for the wealthy, but then the commissioner Eusebi Guell, decided to improve it by using ideas that the British used to make the park look better. There are now 42 acres of land owned by the commissioner. This is a great place to spend a hot sunny day in Barcelona. Many of the tourists that traveled here loved the beautiful architecture in these buildings.  They admire how much these buildings incorporate nature. This iconic location contains trails so it is easy to travel to different buildings. Although this is one of Spain’s most famous places to visit, only 2.4% of people who live in Barcelona actually visit this marvelous park. The rest of the visitors are either national or international tourists. The capacity limit of Parc Guell limits tourists buying a ticket. Prices for tickets are usually around $8 online and $9.50 at the park.  


Obviously, Barcelona’s most famous sports team is their soccer team FC Barcelona, but there are also basketball teams and many other sports. You can go to Camp Nou (FC Barcelona’s own stadium) to watch a game of Barcelona play against the top teams in the world. They also have a basketball team. The Dallas Mavericks drafted Luka Doncic from Real Madrid, a team from the Spanish league, and he is now playing in the NBA.

Overall, Barcelona has a lot of fun things to do like eat great food, visit historic places, and watch sports. In Barcelona, there is always something to do. This place will always be one of the most beautiful and attractive places to visit.