Pig Beach- Bahamas


via Wikimedia Commons

Pigs swimming in ocean.

Imagine a place where pigs swim around the coast, cooling off, and living their best life. Yes, this is an actual thing. Pig Beach or as its officially known, Big Major Cay, is an uninhabited island in Exuma. Although the island is uninhabited it gets its name from the colony of feral pigs. It’s pretty easy to travel to this big Island since there are boats and tours that take people from Nassau, which is about 82 miles southeast of Pig beach.

The island is, for the most part, uninhabited. However, the thought of swimming pigs brings in many tourists. The only form of transportation on or to the island is to take a boat from Nassau. The main of life found on the small island is iguanas. Iguanas and swimming pigs are the main, most times only, inhabitants of this island.

People enjoy this little island so much a book was written about it. T. R. Todd wrote a book about the little beach called Pig of Paradise The Story of The World-Famous Swimming Pigs. The beach has become more and more popular over the years with tourists and people that have heard or read about it.

But why are there pigs on this island? Some people say that there were left there by a group of sailors, who planned to come back and cook them. Others say the pigs swam to the island from a nearby shipwreck. No one really knows exactly these pigs got to the island. Wherever they came from, they sure are living the easy life on the little beach.

CNN has done multiple stories on Big Major Cay and provided perfect photos of how the pigs are simply everywhere. One photo attached to the story The Bahamas Beach Where Piggies Swim shows how large some of the pigs can get. Another shows a youngin climbing onto a jet ski.

Because the pigs are not farmed, nor tended to whatsoever, some may look a bit different. Some have longer snouts than most people are used to seeing at farms. The pigs on this beach look much different than the pigs’ people picture when they think of when hearing the word “pig”.  

Forget swimming with dolphins or sharks, anyone who has ever been to this very special island can say they have swum with pigs. Since the island is completely uninhabited by humans, there are no hotels to stay in, no homes, not even little fruit shacks. There is also a visiting hour cutoff for the island. No one will kick people off the island, but boats and other forms of transportation to the island stop. Better be off the island by 11:25, or get left there to spend a night with the pigs.

This island is an awesome place to go for a good adventure or want to try something new.