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Early December Fortnite Updates

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The long-awaited Season Seven of Fortnite has been released in early December. There have been many map changes, updates, and new vehicles that have been added into the current season. Epic Games has once again made Fortnite into an interesting game through their constant changes and additions.

There have been several map changes to the world of Fortnite. The bottom left corner of the map has been completely reworked to a winter-themed land and three new locations have appeared. Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet are the three new additions to the Fornite map. Polar Peak is the location that replaced Greasy Grove. Just like its name, Polar Peak is on the top of a mountain. Players can expect that many will land here because of the recent addition of the Infinity Blade, a limited time weapon that gives the wielder special abilities. After multiple complaints that the Infinity Blade was too powerful from the Fortnite community, Epic Games later vaulted the Infinity Blade. Happy Hamlet is another location that has replaced an older location. Flush Factory has been replaced by the snowy town themed Happy Hamlet. The new location Frosty Flights is home to the new stormwing planes. Frosty Flights has runways with planes and many warehouses. Players can also find ziplines in the iceberg biomes which carry players quickly across valleys and hills.

The new planes or the X-4 Stormwing Planes are one of the biggest additions to the game. Players can fly using the Stormwing and up to 5 players can get on the plane. The Stormwing comes with a mounted machine gun that has an unlimited supply of ammo. However, there is a limit to how long it can shoot and it has a cooldown time. If the Stormwings are destroyed with players on it, they will enter a skydiving state in which they can deploy their parachute. Pilots can barrel roll, boost, and brake in the sky using the Stormwing allowing for a variety of different movements and tactics.

Several of previously existing weapons and items have vaulted, meaning that they were taken out of the game. Epic has taken these items out to avoid having items with similar abilities. The following items are those that have been vaulted. Shadow stones, chillers, clingers, double barrel shotguns, and shockwave grenades have all been removed from the game. However, other items have been updated instead of removed. Balloons have become much better and useful now. When deployed they go on the player’s back allowing them to shoot or build instead of just holding the balloon. Balloons now come in stacks of 10 and it takes just three balloons to float. The crosshairs or aim helpers on the Scoped and Thermal AR have also been updated.  

Overall, Epic is continually updating and adding to the game of Fortnite, making it a more enjoyable game every time. Season seven is sure to be a season full of fun and Fortnite fans can be certain that it will be a blast.

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Early December Fortnite Updates