John Kelly Resigns from Trump Administration

President Trump hasn’t been supported by a strong cabinet for a while. Trump has been replacing and firing most of his cabinet, and John Kelly wasn’t an exception. However, many reports on John Kelly include his misbehaviors in office. This resignation might be one that Trump has been thinking over for quite some time, as there are many reasonable explanations as to why Kelly should have stepped down from office.

As the current White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly has been leading the White House team, but he also has a bad-tempered manner, similar to Trump’s. In October 2017, John Kelly slandered Rep. Wilson with false claims of her taking all the credit for the millions of dollars for the new FBI building.

Even with Rep. Wilson hoping that the White House Chief of Staff would at least give an overdue apology and stating this on Twitter, Kelly still did not apologize. Many rumors started through the nation when this was announced about how Kelly would be removed from the White House Chief of Staff, and months later, he was.

The Department of Justice and Homeland Security issued a policy of Central American parents, illegally crossing the border, will be separated from their children and the children were considered as “unaccompanied minors”. To this, John Kelly blatantly replied, “The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.”

This harsh judgment from John Kelly and the heartless policy has been resented by many, but the White House explains how it is one of the most efficient ways to control the number of trespassers coming to the U.S. for safety.

Trump and John Kelly are no longer on speaking terms because of their previous conflicts. Kelly questioned Trump’s intelligence stating how Trump is an idiot and how no one can convince Trump to do anything. Kelly went on complaining about how the President is behaving in an unacceptable way. Kelly also went on about covering the overdue apology and other misjudgments he has made.

The president acknowledges this issue and stated, “We get along well. There are certain things I love that he does, and there are certain things I don’t like that he does that aren’t his strength.”

However, after stating this, he confessed that Kelly would probably not be with the administration in the 2020 election. He clarified, “I haven’t even thought about John in terms of this, but John at some point is going to want to move on.”

As soon as the news of the resignation of John Kelly reached the world, everyone suspected how Nick Ayers, the aide of Vice President Mike Pence, will be the to-be White House Chief of Staff. This has been proven correct a week ago, but Nick Ayers refused the job Trump offered.

Trump stated how he had more candidates in plan for the future White House Chief of Staff, but who knows what comes out of this mysterious president. John Kelly is stated to leave the White House at the end of the year and the new Chief of Staff will enter.