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Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Filipescu
Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Filipescu
Jonah V., Reporter • January 23, 2022

Mrs. Filipescu works at Kraemer Middle School as a Spanish teacher. She presently teaches Spanish to students in grades 7 and 8. Mrs. Filipescu has been teaching for 23 years, all of which have been spent at Kraemer. She enjoys teaching for a variety of reasons and has had a positive learning experience...

Twice, the K-Pop girl group in 2018
Album Review: Twice, Formula of Love: O+T=<3
Melody S., Reporter • January 14, 2022

Debuting in 2015 and consisting of nine one in a million girls, any guesses as to who they are? They’re Twice, of course! Debuting with the extended play, The Story Begins,...

The movie poster of Inception
Movie Review: Inception
January 12, 2022
A wax statue of Spider-Man
Spider-Man: No Way Home
January 12, 2022
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How Are Stars Born?
How Are Stars Born?
Nicholas T., Reporter • January 7, 2022

Stars are probably one of the most well-known astronomical objects in existence. They’ve starred in many blockbuster movies, yet they’re still very tiny to the human eye. But the eyes can sometimes be deceiving. Neutron...

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Rory Mcilroy playing golf.
Rory Mcilroy
Emily B., Reporter • January 7, 2022

Rory Mcllroy is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. Mcilroy has had many achievements in his life, even from when he was a little kid. Although he has already...

Rory Mcilroy playing golf.
Rory Mcilroy
December 16, 2021
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Canadian maple syrup
Canada Opens up Maple Syrup Reserve After Three Years Amid Shortage
Christopher S. , Reporter • January 5, 2022

Canada, often well known for its hospitable citizens and maple syrup, has run into a major issue threatening its maple syrup consumers. Canadian officials were forced to decide...

Emily Grover and Laura Carroll
Florida Mom and Teen Facing Over a Decade in Prison
Sal V., Reporter • January 5, 2022

In a peculiar twist of events, a mother and daughter duo from Florida is facing up to sixteen years in prison. Their supposed crime? It involves rigging a home-coming queen...

German soldiers posing in the trenches
1914 Christmas Truce
January 4, 2022
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Can people live without meat?
Is it Ethical to Eat Meat?
Ethan L., Editor • January 7, 2022

There have been countless debates and numerous arguments online and offline about the topic, meat. About 129.5 billion pounds of beef, rounded up, is consumed annually. That’s equivalent to eating 431,666.6 Blue Whales...

Failure should always be an option.
Is Failure an Option?
Nisha A., Editor • January 6, 2022

In so many cases, people avoid failure at all costs just to not be a disappointment, but FAILing is just the First Attempt In Learning. Failure is bound to happen when learning, but it should never be the end product. It...

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